Transphormation Challenge FAQs

Do I have to buy 1st Phorm products or use supplements in order to win?

Do I have to use the nutrition and exercise programs on this site in order to win?

So let me get this straight … There is more than one kind of winner?

What does each winner receive?

That sucks; I wish you would have done this last year. I made a ton of progress last year and I would have won.

Is the video submission required to win?

If I don’t win this 8-week Spring Sprint TransPHORMation Challenge, am I still eligible to win later in the year?

How long does my video need to be?

Can I enter more than once?

When do I have to have my pictures in by?

Can you help me with some advice on my diet and training … I really want to win.

Do I have to take my before and after pictures or do my video in my swimsuit or underwear?

Do my before and after pictures and video have to include something that indicates the date, like holding a newspaper with the date on it?

How will the winners be announced?