My name is Jeremiah Peterson (@jeremiahpetersonmontana), I am 39 years old, I am married and have 3 children, my transphormation began last summer, in August of 2017.

It was on a summer camping and hiking trip with my family that I had a long, hard look at what I had allowed my body to degenerate to. This trip was in hopes to share a place with my family, that I had cherished as a boy and all growing up.

But quickly I discovered that I could barely catch my breath let alone keep pace with my wife and kids. It was one stretch in particular where I was bent over gasping for breath that I looked up and watched as they were climbing up….away….from me…. at that moment I felt a visceral pain deep inside my heart. It was right then and there I resolved to make a change. I went home and got on the internet and by chance found a video that Andy Frisella had made of his own personal journey with weight loss.

As I watched I silently nodded in agreement as if the man in the video was me. I watched it again. Then I made my wife watch it. That video shook me to the core. “How had I allowed myself to get here?” I wondered, full of anger and utter disappointment.

I was fat. I was tired. All the time.
Nothing fit. I had no drive. No ambition.


I signed up without a shred of doubt that I was going to give the Transphormation Challenge everything I had. Part…for my family…sure. But mostly to prove to myself that I had more to give in this life. That I wasn’t the pathetic, apathetic slob that I saw myself as in the mirror. I started by hiking. I wasn’t ready for a gym. I hiked every morning and every night. Sometimes in silence.

But most of the time listening to Andy’s podcasts.
His guidance motivated me beyond just my workout times.
His voice began echoing into my workdays.
His instructions began changing the way I lived life.
He reminded me that I do love to win.
He reminded me that I do want more and it’s ok to want more.
He reminded me to work my ass off.

And I did (still am).

With absolutely no intention of stopping. I gained my confidence a day at a time. Living up to my own expectations and promises one a day at a time. I ate a keto diet, high in healthy fats, lean proteins and green veggies.

I went on 2 hikes a day. Each hike around 45 minutes to an hour.

I did isolated body part lifts 5 days a week.

Some weeks I felt and saw tremendous change…some weeks felt like I was working my tail off for nothing. But the 1st Phorm community always seemed to push me…like somehow they knew the days my energy was waning. I would get so inspired some days that I just kept going…kept trusting the process.


There were days that I was convinced Andy was talking directly to me. I can’t tell you that there is some secret formula to it all beyond just doing the work. You’ve got to do the work. As the weight kept coming off I felt more confident for sure, but beyond that, I felt better every day. I was able to work longer and I wanted to work longer. My feet didn’t constantly hurt. I didn’t have perpetual heartburn anymore.

As the end of the challenge approached I kept feeling more and more anxious. Wondering if I needed to change my diet or switch up what I was doing. But I didn’t. I just kept doing what I was doing. Which believe me … I know trusting the process is hard. But I can tell you it was worth it.

I think we all live in a world of indecision and instant gratification. So we have this flighty attitude and don’t run the course in its entirety or follow through with a recipe the way it’s written thinking we can improvise or make it better…instead of just trusting the process. It’s hard. I get it. After you decided to give something your all it’s crazy hard to think about the possibility of NOT winning. But I just kept on doing what I was doing.

I’ve never been a vitamin or supplements kind of guy but I have got to say I feel so much better after I started regularly taking the Micro Factor packs. My digestion is normal for the first time in over 6 years. Shoot, even my hair feels thicker and looks healthier than it has in years. I know that’s not a typical guy thing to talk about but come on? Who wants to go bald? My skin is clear and I just feel so much better inside and out.

I’m not a big eater naturally. I know. I know. I use to look like the fatty who would eat a ton. But I wasn’t. I could easily go all day without eating then have a big dinner and be happy. So when I started with the 1st Phorm shakes it felt unnatural to be eating breakfast. Plus I have had shakes in the past. They were either nasty or would give me a wicked stomach ache. But now I can’t go without them. Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup is my favorite meal replacement, which is Level-1, and CTC for post workout, which is Phormula-1!


So as the challenge progressed and I really started to get to know people in the phamily I got more and more driven to win. Which is good because the finish was right around the holidays. Trust me the last people to support you in diet around the holidays is your family… Because they don’t want to feel guilty for their own gluttonous tendencies. But I stuck it out. Not through depriving either. I just got creative with what I ate. Made some new recipes to keep things intersting and I stuck to the plan!

When Christmas came and we went on a hot springs vacation it felt so good to feel confident at a pool. I felt proud of all my hard work. Then when everyone was talking about New Years resolutions I felt like I was already ahead of the game. When it came to the day that 1st Phorm was announcing the winners I couldn’t focus I was so excited and nervous and filled with anticipation. I watched the video in the car with my son because we were finishing up basketball practice.

I couldn’t blink.
I couldn’t think.
I couldn’t stop smiling.

My face hurt by the time we got home. My kids screamed and blew party horns when I walked in. Man. To me. There is no better feeling than winning for my family. Seeing their excitement will be a memory forever in my heart.

Since then I have been flooded by messages from people. It’s crazy that they say I inspire them. I didn’t do anything they can’t do. But now I understand that they too lost their way, forgot how to win. I want to reach as many people just like me and continue to inspire change. Sometimes it just takes one interaction, one out of breath epiphany to create a massive chain of events in someone’s life. That’s what happened to me. I’m beyond grateful to say I am now a part of the 1st Phorm phamily.

Daily wins no matter how small add up. Who knows? Maybe you reading this will inspire a great change in your own life. I hope it does.

If I can do it, you better know you can do it too.

Written by: Will Grumke

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