February 14, 2017, I was looking at old pics to make a cute post for Valentine’s Day. I found pics from our 1st Valentine’s Day when I was 20 years young. That pic was the defining moment for me realizing I had settled and was not happy in my skin any longer. It was time to make a change.

For years I had thought I was doing well maintaining my size 10 body. That picture made me realize I was not doing well at all! I had let myself go. On February 17, 2017, I entered the My Transphormation Challenge. I weighed 177 pounds and set my goal to get to 150 pounds. I didn’t give myself a timeline but knew I had to get to that number.

I jumped right in. I didn’t give myself time to even think about it or talk myself out of it. I went to Supplement Superstore (they carry 1st Phorm products here in St. Louis) and had them write up a meal plan and then joined a gym. I committed to eating 6 times a day and was using portion control. I added Level 1 to my breakfasts and Phormula 1 and Ignition as my post workout shake. I started the workouts provided on the Mytransphormation app and walked around the gym with my nose in my phone following the workouts. After a week or so I added Stephanie Lawler as my trainer, joined Team Warrior Fitness and have never looked back!

After a month or so I switched over to tracking my food in My Fitness Pal. I loved it! It really made me think before I put anything in my mouth. It cut out the mindless snacking or grabbing extra helpings. Seeing it all laid out and having goals to hit was what I needed to be successful. We had a monthly challenge in Warrior Fitness seeing who could track and hit their macros the best for the month. I was a joint winner that month!

My progress was slow and steady. I averaged losing 1 to 2 pounds per week and it slowly added up! By May I was down 20 pounds, needed to buy smaller clothes and people were starting to notice! My confidence was rising and I was starting to step up as a leader in Warrior Fitness. By nature, I am quiet and reserved. I am a total introvert. But in Warrior Fitness I was developing as a leader and sharing with our group. I was even posting pics of myself on the Mytransphormation page for the whole group to see my progress!

In October I hit my goal weight of 150! I was beyond proud of myself. I was consistent with my workouts (lifting 5 times a week and cardio classes 2 times a week), logged in My Fitness Pal daily and only had one free meal a week. I went from size 10 pants to size 4! I was amazed at my progress and loved watching my muscles take over my fat! I also added Opti-Greens 50 to my supplement routine and loved them!

My husband and I are on our journeys together and supported each other the whole year! I was so proud of him when he was announced as the monthly male winner for October! All of his hard work and dedication paid off! Our relationship also grew this year too. We have Friday night date nights at the gym. It is amazing having his support at home and we feed off of each other’s motivation and drive! Our marriage has never been stronger and we have grown so much closer through this journey. I used to worry what we would have in common after our daughter was grown and out of the house. I can now picture us in the retirement community working out in matching tracksuits. I know we will be just fine!

Right before the end of December, I hit 147 pounds for a total loss of 30 pounds! I had a waist. My back fat was almost all gone! My face was no longer chubby! My confidence was boosted. I walked around with a smile and my head held high. I not only transformed on the outside but inside as well! I had my spark back that I had lost over the years. I was going into the new year as a winner.

Then in January I was watching the big announcement of the My Transphormation winners with Tony and loved seeing so many Warrior Fitness members in the clips. Loved listening to Andy’s story about his own transphormation and then the winners started to be announced… I was shocked when I saw my pictures! I couldn’t believe it! The rest of the winners were a blur until they announced Stephanie Lawler, my trainer, as the Elite Trainer of the Year!!!!! I was shaking at this point! We called her right away and there were screams and happy tears! I, of course, went back and rewatched it so I could take in all the winners and see their amazing transphormations! I was so honored to have been chosen out of an amazing pool of transphormers!

Every month that I submitted my pictures I also wrote an essay to track my progress and also to let whoever was reading them know how thankful I was for this challenge and community that they created! Could I have lost the weight on my own… probably. I wanted it bad enough. But I would never have gained all of the friendships and self-discovery along the way. This community of humans is unbelievable! This is my lifestyle and I am fully embracing it!

If I can do it, so can you!

– Jen Andonoff

Written by: Will Grumke

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