Coming into 2016 and the start of the first MyTransPHORMationStartsToday challenge, I had just recently lost 90 pounds.

I started my journey June 1st of 2015 at 315 pounds. I was struggling so hard to keep up with my almost two-year-old daughter, it was embarrassing. Honestly, it was scary. I was so scared if I continued down that path of self-destruction that I wouldn’t be around long enough to see her graduate or walk her down the aisle.

So I started…no idea what I was doing, but I was DOING. Getting all the pieces moving in the right direction. Cutting out the junk, getting active, and eventually starting supplementation to plug the holes in my nutrition.

So back to January 2016, the start of the MyTransPHORMationStartsToday challenge. At first I was upset about a challenge coming out after losing 90 pounds already, but I knew I had much further to go and much more to prove to myself.

I hit the ground running! Researching proper calorie intakes, and workouts off the transphormation website. After three months I lost another twenty-five pounds and quite a bit of body fat and won the $10,000 first quarter! My family and I were so excited we all screamed up and down!

The feeling of losing one hundred fifteen pounds in just little under a year was an award in itself, but the fact to get recognized by such an amazing company felt even better! Words are hard to describe it!

At the end of 2016, I weighed in at one hundred eighty pounds for a loss of forty-five pounds in that year.

The experience I’ve gotten from joining the challenge has been like no other. The support, knowledge, and accountability have been everything I’ve needed to continue to take control of my life. I’m just one of many lives changed thanks to the 1st Phorm and the MyTransPHORMationStartsToday challenge.

Written by: Will Grumke

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