Last December 2016 I had been really run down with a respiratory virus. I was ill from just after Christmas until the middle of February. I did, however, have a goal to get in the best physical shape of my life at the age of 48. I knew the 1st Phorm my transphomation challenge was the place to make my mark and go all in. I had already been using many 1st Phorm products for 9+ years and believe in the company and its products.

I have been lifting weights my whole adult life. There was always one thing missing and that was a detailed food plan, counting of macros and a regulated calorie intake. So on Feb 17th, I joined along with my wife Jennifer Easton Andonoff. We started our journey together and never looked back. We were all in and also started using My Fitness Pal to track our daily 5-6 meals and our macros. This was new for both of us and a challenge for sure. We were again all in as make a pact with one another to be in this together the entire year and for the future.

I have always enjoyed lifting weights and the gym and also enjoyed the atmosphere of a gym. My wife was quite the opposite until we both got involved with Stephanie Lawler’s group “Warrior Fitness.” This gave us the extra support and a place where we could also impact others in the group which helped us along the way as well. We loved our journey together with the process of meal prep, counting macros, eating at home together and yes working out together. We even started Friday night Date night as Xist Fitness Concord.

As time went on, we started to notice that others were making comments and inspired by what we were doing. Our family and friends were asking us questions, members at the gym, and also social media friends as well. We even were getting messages on Facebook from old friends and classmates… The positive comments we got from others motivated us even more.

There were 2 things that gave me extra motivation along the journey …  one was the phrase “Do it anyway.” So when I or Jen did not feel like meal prepping or going to work out we remembered those 3 important words and never ever forgot them. The second saying we also adopted is“Go Plus One.” So when I was done with however many reps say 10 on a set I would do 1 or 2 more reps every single time. We would also see Andy Frisella at Xist at least several days a week doing the work and also used that as extra motivation.

Then in March of 2017 I had a setback with a tear in my Shoulder Labarum. Had a MRI and surgery was recommended and I decided to rehab on my own. I had goals to achieve and was not letting an injury stop me from them. So for several months from March until mid to late summer I had to work around the shoulder pain and still gain muscle while losing the weight and fat I was trying motivated to shed. My goal was to get from my heaviest of 224 before Christmas to about 198. This was something again I was trying to do without muscle loss. I was 48 going on 49 and new that muscle at my age is tougher and tougher to keep.

I tell you what though … I keep referring to my wife Jen because this whole process has brought our marriage to a whole other level. We are closer than ever before in our 15 years of marriage. We are lovers, best friends, parents, and partners in life together. We love our fit lifestyle and really enjoy inspiring and helping others to also achieve their goals as well.

Then one night in early November Jen and I were both sitting on the couch together and started watching the video that was going to announce the my transphomation winners for October. We were both hoping there would be a member from the Warrior Fitness Group. I had no idea I was being looked at for a potential transphormation winner. After all I am 49 years old lost about 23 lbs. and knew I had worked hard to lose fat and keep muscle but I never thought I would be picked as a winner. Then the video showed my pic and name I could not believe it… I was truly stunned! My wife could not stop smiling and then I got a call from Stephanie Lawler. Wow!

This inspired Jen and I to start our Facebook page “Team Andonoff” and are excited for the 2018 my transphormation challenge as well. We again plan to give our all for ourselves and to inspire others to join and change their lives as well. I could not be more excited to see what the future brings. Thank you so much for reading my transphormation story and I hope it helps you stay motivated to earn your own transphormation!

Much love and respect,
Tony Andonoff



Written by: Will Grumke

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